The Design

Aquatic blue and black creates an elegant template for your business. Utilizing the cutting edge UI design principles PixelMill is known for we have crafted several designs that could fit your oranization's aesthetic.


The combination of our Aqueous Framework and any one of our designs form our branding packages or SharePoint templates. Our templates offer a turnkey, DIY solution to transform your out of the box SharePoint into a responsive, aesthetically pleasing, fully customizable and extendable SharePoint experience, sure to drive adoption and collaboration. Click here to learn about the powerful Aqueous Framework found in all of our SharePoint 2013 templates.​

 Fully Customizable

Our SharePoint 2013 templates are 100% customizable to fit your organizations objectives. PixelMill has numerous options available for customization, licensing, and support for any size organization or budget. Please see our customizations page for more info.​​​

 Responsive Approach

With the myriad of devices used to consume your public facing, intranets and external portal sites, the best web approach is a Responsive design approach. Through the use of industry recognized Twitter Bootstrap and comprehensive device testing, we have an developed the most effective approach for SharePoint responsive design. We utilize the strongest elements of mobile first approach found in bootstrap with beautiful cutting edge designs based on SharePoint framework to build you a powerful intranet your users can access on any device in today’s mobile world.​